The Deep Freeze Mice - Teenage Head In My Refrigerator

We first heard about The Deep Freeze Mice while watching a Nardwaur interview with MGMT. We were intrigued by the band name and song titles mentioned in the interview, so we went to Spotify for a quick search. It didn’t take long to become enamored with this late-70s post-punk band from England. So much so that we began dreaming up ideas of plastering their name and images to the back of our denim jackets. Deep Freeze’s aesthetic from album covers to song titles, and production, is D.I.Y. to the max and full of wonder. 

“Teenage Head In My Refrigerator” is a classic tune with a simple arrangement, creaky organ, and fantastic harmony. The last minute of the song is our favorite with it’s unforgettable “sha-la-la-la’s”.