Tomorrows Tulips - When

Tomorrows Tulips


Burger Records

Street: 10.07

Tomorrows Tulips = The Velvet Underground / Nirvana

When plays like a window into the lifestyle of Tomorrow’s Tulips, which is probably very similar to the bands they’re inspired by. TT’s principal members, Alex Knost and Ford Archbold, are professional surfers and songwriters, which means they live life through waves, bohemian beautiful women, and guitars. Every track on When is memorable, but there’s definitely a few standouts. “I Lay In My Bed” has the burnt out feel of a record spinning endless vibes on the beach while a sunset leaks light directly on top of it. “Glued To You” is the fruition of G-rated grunge, which is a term TT coined to describe their sound, and “Down Turned Self Pity” is an outsider-music classic. You have to be extremely true to yourself to make music that sounds this good. Simply put, this record is tapped in.