3 Free Downloads - Wu - Wu / -enjoy- / Puzzle

Here's an introduction to three members of Orange County's Vada Vada collective. They're a mash of Japanese pop-culture and American-strange. 

Tumblr-core. Have you heard of it? You're listening to it. Vaporwave, normcore anything pretty and rebloggable that you can imagine...it's all here in some form or another.

Puzzle is the side project of Fletcher Shears, Enjoy is the side project of Wyatt Shears and Wu-Wu is the work of Ashley Calhoun. The Shears are twin brothers, runway models for Yves St. Laurent and together they play in a band called, The Garden. The Garden has been a mainstay at Burger Records, but their next record will be a joint release with Burger and Epitaph. 

These three artists, and their music, are all mash-ups of things once popular with a futuristic, and often ironic, twist. This is living in the 21st Century where everything's been done, so now it's being re-done. 

I can't complain, I can only dance.

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