Hansson & Karlsson - Peace On Earth

Just drums and an organ that sound like they're playing in a room as big as outer space.

In 1969, Swedish duo, Hansson & Karlsson, released an album titled, Man At The Moon. The two are known for their righteous contributions in the jazz fusion and progressive rock area, and "Peace On Earth" (from that album) is a little insight to their genius. It's on the mellow end of jazz, rock or anything progressive, but it's lengthy organ chords feel to stretch the Great Wall of China. If you've seen the Wall in person, you know that it's no wonder you can see it from outer space. It's easy to imagine someone hearing this song in the background as they look down at such a massive monument and consider the potential for good in the world below them.

We originally discovered "Peace On Earth" through a Far Away Tape by Mike Simonetti. His mix, At The Juncture of Dark And Light, is a mind-bending experience, and conjures up cinematic memories that feel vaguely familiar. It's like you've heard the songs before but you have no idea where.

It's almost as if we've heard them in another realm, before we found ourselves here on earth. Maybe they were the songs we heard while we watched our planet's creation. Music, like "Peace On Earth", is here to remind us of such events and inspire us to press forward with hope for the future.