Harrison Lipton ~ Loveliness

Harrison Lipton is a Brooklyn-based artist. Loveliness is his debut album on Yellow K records, out May 18th.


Harrison Lipton's songs sound minimal at the surface, but they're actually expertly layered with supporting sound loops that you’ll only catch with quality speakers. And although the guitar throughout Loveliness resembles Mac DeMarco’s “blue wave” style, it’s everything happening beneath the surface, supporting the guitar, that defines Lipton’s sound.

I realized Harrison Lipton is a renaissance man after listening to “Darlene”. Its latter half triggers the Balearic genius of Mark Barrot and only furthers my admiration for Loveliness and Lipton's ability to maintain a signature sound while still pulling in various influences.

If you're a big fan of Frank Ocean then there's a lot for you to like about Lipton's style. "Smile", "Flames", and "Loneliness" are deeply emotional songs that feel perfectly produced and wouldn't seem out of place on a b-sides collection of Blonde

Lipton's feature on electronic producer Giraffage’s 2017 album Too Real might’ve gone mostly unnoticed, but I’m expecting to see more collaborations once Loveliness makes its way around the internet.