Jed Anderson is a weird dude with a lot of talent. As a snowboarder he offers a unique style in the streets that's heavily influenced by his love for skateboarding. When it comes to social media, Jed keeps his Instagram feed flush with low-res portraits of human beings, dogs, and all-around trash...not to mention the occasional (and always welcome) skate edit.

Recently, he posted a flyer he drew for a show in which he was listed (by his Instagram handle, @latexmansion) as one of the DJs. I figure the type of music Jed would play/create is just as intriguing as everything else he does, so I caught up with him to find out what he's been listening to.

MP: You seem to be at the core of several cultures. What came first? A love for music, snowboarding or skateboarding?

Jed: I think music was probably what came first. I always loved music. My parents tell me that I always danced as soon as I could walk. 

MP: You spent this last winter filming for the new Videograss film, VideoGracias. What were a few artists or albums you were listening to heavily while filming your part and traveling?

Jed: Lots of different shit. I always have a mix of music going on….I'll just list some stuff off:

Future, lowlife (permanent sleep album), Delroy edwards, Drake, theo parish, weezer

MP: You're from Calgary but you often bounce back and forth from home to New York. NY is obviously an epicenter for creativity, but there's so much great music and art coming out of Canada as well. Which city do you prefer for what activity? 

Jed: Well I’ve actually been living in Toronto for about a year now. Still visiting New york as well. I feel like Toronto is a great place to be right now. There are so many motivated people and everyone seems to have some sort of project going on. Its an actual city, so much different shit to get in to all of the time. It’s similar to New york just a bit slowed down and less hectic. Activity wise I would say its super similar just less events and just less everything in general.

MP: Once upon a time you posted a pic of you and Mac DeMarco smooching. How did that go down?

Jed: Haha…Uhhhh I don’t know really just thought it would be funny.

MP: What's up with all of the dog pictures?

Jed: Haha I just really like dogs. I take a lot of photos of people, and I feel like dogs are just as funny a lot of the time. 

MP: How long have you been DJ'ing under the name Latexmansion? 

Jed: I wouldn’t even call my self a dj at all. I don’t play records so its just playing music I like for people i guess. But I’ve really only had one official thing so I guess just a few weeks haha!

MP: What do you like to play during your sets?

Jed: It depends. Like I said I've only really played one real event. But I like to play lots of house and dance. I like to play rap and rnb as well. Just depending on the mood and time of night :)

MP: How do you like to find new music?

Jed: I use Soundcloud a ton. I also use the side bar of related videos on youtube. Or youtube playlists, its super easy that way.

MP: What kind of music inspires you to skate, and what's your favorite song to a part?

Jed: I think it really depends on what i feel like skating or my mood in general. Some times really fast hardcore or super hard rap will get me so excited to leave my house and just go crazy. Other times I can listen to super mellow music and feel more patient and take my time with everything.

favourite song to a part….ben kadow in \m/ - pilsbury hardcore horror snores  

MP: What kind of music is currently inspiring to you and your friends?

Jed: I think it's always a lot of different stuff. I feel like rap coming out of the UK just started getting really popular in North America this year. We’ve been listening to that, along with other rap of course. For me I guess the most inspiring stuff is smaller artists whether its rap or house or whatever….I want to start making music so when I see new artists or friends making music it's motivating.

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