I’ve allowed myself to study the absence of daily struggle and its effects, and began to subconsciously paint that vibe in the music. Yawn Zen comes from a very neutral place that we, sometimes, are too busy to realize is there.’

Musically Proper has found ENLIGHTENMENT, HEALING, and BALANCE through a morning ritual with music. Starting our day at peace, and in tune with love, has become essential to happy and successful living. It's a simple formula that involves listening to songs we've curated in our jazzy beats and meditation playlists, breathing practices, and positive psychology.

Pop music can uplift us and inspire us, but it's often overly-emotional. Our morning routine looks to a space that's mostly without lyrics – simply because your thoughts are free without the artist's feelings and narrative. 

Instrumental tracks that focus on positive vibrations, soothing beats, and spiritual harmonies, without telling you what to feel, help you own your mind. If you focus your mind on positive thoughts about what you'll accomplish that day, how you'll treat others and respond to negativity, you'll enter your day with strength and peace to overcome. You'll essentially have already decided and guaranteed your success for the day. So spread positive vibes within, inhale-exhale, and smile. This is meditate n alleviate.

1. Press Play

2. Exaggerate your inhaling breath and exhale.

3. Say, "I will.." "I am.."


I love where MNDSGN takes us in this video. Where you go is entirely up to you...