The idea behind MP is that an intentional approach to the music you listen to can make you a better person. Whether it's more sincere listening and less shuffling or specific playlists to begin and end your day, music is most powerful when intentionally used as a transformative tool. DJ's know that any atmosphere can be altered for good or bad with the right song, so why limit that power to the dancefloor? 

I also believe it's worth talking about some powerful musicians operating today in a realm of what I like to call outsider pop. The definition for such a style is fluid, but it revolves around creative freedom and artistry that leads to breaking the rules and even failing to meet expectations. It all started with black culture - from Little Richard to Prince, but today the boundaries of race are no more. Musicians like MNDSGN, Toro Y Moi, Porches, and Homeshake operate like outsiders, blurring the lines of pop music without following any type of mainstream formula. The truth of the matter is, outsiders were born to shine.