Musically Proper exists to free your mind

While Musically Proper initially formed to archive contemporary artists who I believe will be remembered as underground legends, it's evolved to embody more of a philosophical nature. Take a look at our Enlightenment page and Death of Instagram series for starters.

As far as contemporary music, I believe people like Willis Earl Beal, or even someone as popular as Blood Orange, will be sought after by music enthusiasts decades from now for their social commentary and artistic contributions that reflect the climate of our era. While amazing blogs like Listen To This turn us on to hidden gems of the past, Musically Proper is meant to be an archive sought after in the future for what was happening underground from 2010 and on. One of the elements I love about the artists I cover here is how naturally they promote originality in their music. By not conforming to standards of how to create or participate in society, they remind us to be ourselves and make our own positive contributions to the world we live in.

MP's first interview was with the beloved Juan Wauters, and I've tried to keep that intimate flavor in every feature ever since. Along with interviews, MP has grown to include several playlists with a hyper focus on particular musical styles I find inspiring, as well as album reviews, new~music finds, and the lost classics section – a place where I highlight hidden gems by connecting them with current popular underground music that I love. Feel free to drop me a line at