Bobo - Smoke In The Elevator

Hel Audio is killing the game with this release. It’s only the 17th album presented by the label, which means they’re off to a really good start, and they’re making a name for Utah as they continue to grow. I was stoked when I heard the soda concept album they released by Mooninite but Smoke In The Elevator has truly won me over.


Smoke In The Elevator

Hel Audio

Street: 05.20

Bobo = Cults + Grimes / Yumi Zouma

Kari Jørgensen’s debut as Bobo paints her as a pop-mistress with an appeal and mystique that’s immediately present. Jørgensen’s voice plays a unique role in this process as an entity that’s familiar yet distinct at the same time. Her vocal appeal can be heard on the acoustic project, The Boy Who Could Fly, but Jørgensen has found her niche with the airy-synth landscape of Smoke In The Elevator. Album highlight, “Turn Around”, is a tender plea for a guiding hand that has stuck with me for days. On it, Jørgensen gently beckons, “Someday you’re gonna have to crawl home, but I need you to lead the way. I feel like you know the way.” Jørgensen’s words, a simple piano melody and background harmonies create an atmosphere so sincere it’s humbling. Smoke is another hit to Hel Audio’s catalogue establishing them as the most progressive record label in Utah.

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