RS2090 - Common Ground


Thank You

Hel Audio

Release: 07.18

RS2090 = Ricky Eat Acid + Aphex Twin

Thank You is RS2090’s official introduction to the world. Its content has the potential to digitally reconstruct listener’s minds as they enter RS2090′s cyber world of beats. Initially, one might be tricked into thinking there’s variations of pop at work here, by the Kanye-esque auto-tune intro, but that’s just an intro. Thank You’s introduction is a warm greeting from a computer program that I’ll call, “Blue”. Blue’s purpose is to gently prepare you for a sonic exploration that will open your mind. Once Blue’s put you at ease, you’ve entered the album’s world, and Thank You’s world is full of experimental electronic creations that can make waves on a dance floor, and ambient pieces that resemble satellite transmissions from space. From which planet those transmissions originate is up to you. Each song is its own unique piece that must be absorbed and imagined–imagined where it could originate, where it is now and where you can take it. If that sounds like work, then consider this album a fine piece of IDM (intelligent dance music). Thank You requires purposeful listening, but the pay off is worth the effort, and its diverse range of tempos and moods prove that we have much to learn from RS2090 in the future.

 Stream the entire album here.