Tomorrows Tulips - Experimental Jelly

Tomorrows Tulips

Experimental Jelly

Burger Records

Street: 07.23

Tomorrows Tulips = The Velvet Underground x Galaxie 500

There’s something unmistakably nostalgic about Experimental Jelly. It contains the bummer pop feel of The Velvet Underground classic, “Pale Blue Eyes.” Seemingly subdued songs like the ones throughout Experimental Jelly provide a feeling that I refer to as a “slow burn,” which allows them to be mellow, but penetrating as well. Bummer pop that sounds as effortless as this record is a rare find. It’s the feeling of watching a sunset over the ocean on old film in “Internal Perm” or the idea of freedom expressed in the sound and lyrics of “He Quits” as vocalist Alex Knost half sings, “And your pineal gland the governments can’t stand cause you’re gonna do something crazy like not buy a house or not wash your car.” Tomorrows Tulips remind us that you don’t have to be loud to be wild, and in doing so, they’ve scored a Burger Records classic.