Ariel Pink ~ Everybody

Remember when Ariel Pink dissed Madonna , basically calling her washed up? In the same breath, he also made a point to praise some of her earlier hits, one being "Everybody". His glitchy-synth cover, featuring Julia Holter, was released on a cover's compilation to benefit something or the other in 2007, but we just came across the remastered version today thanks to Spotify. It sounds like an '80s workout video inside of an arcade game played by Pink. If that doesn't make you want to dance than heaven help you!

We haven't purchased the single from iTunes yet, but we're much more likely to now that we know it exists. Spotify has always helped us support the music industry, and Pink has always made us laugh while also thoroughly impressing us. That being said, here's to music streaming and making fun of ourselves. 

The entire compilation is well worth checking out and can be streamed here