Nosaj Thing - Fated

Nosaj Thing


Innovative Leisure

Street: 05.05

Nosaj Thing = Clams Casino / Purity Ring + XXYYXX

On Fated, Nosaj Thing keeps his production light and hazy finding a gray area between chill-wave and trap beats. Fated’s emphasis on drums, snare hits and processed vocal stabs, all at the right tempo, bring its title to life. It’s a statement that producers seem destined to try their hand at crafting beats, which often resemble drug-induced comas. Nosaj, a seasoned producer, has taken a production style like Purity Ring’s and created a true headphone experience by slowing it down and broadening each beat. Fated’s single, “Cold Stares” featuring Chance the Rapper, is already a favorite of 2015 for me. “Cold Stares” sounds like acid soul, with Chance channeling Ray Charles. It’s an earworm to boot. For better or worse, it’s one of the only two tracks with guest vocals on Fated, but there’s plenty of ambiance and opportunity for freestyling throughout the album’s 13 voiceless tracks.