Two Beautifully Weird Artists

Both of these women are psychedelic monks representing the harnessing of energy, balance and power through song. Together they provide a perfect balance of dark and light.

Native Canadian, Mourning Coup, just released Baby Blue on No Sun Recordings and Diva (daughter of Bauhaus member, Kevin Haskins) just released Divinity In Thee on Stones Throw Records' step-sister label, Circle Star Records.

If you like the stark beauty of (Velvet Underground associate) Nico's voice then you'll dig Mourning Coup. Her debut record, Baby Blue, is full of mind-melting drones and hypnotic vocals.

One can only imagine what was happening in her mind as she created these songs. You can read about the album's trying creation in her feature with Discorder.

DIVA's "Satori" is glamorous sufi-funk and "Divinity In Thee" is quirky but poppy enough to channel short-lived Indie favorites, Cults. Thankfully, it's far better produced and full of bright energy. You can practically hear the process of photosynthesis and germination in the track's bubbly bass and colorful whistling-synths. Hopefully, the uplifting vibrations of her songs can extend into the atmosphere of mainstream music.

As strange as they may be, something tells me these two musicians are far better role models for young women than Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj could ever be.