Introducing Holy Ride

New York City-based group Holy Ride releases debut EP, Party Tricks, a blend of soulful guitar tracks.


Citing influences from D'Angelo to Mac DeMarco, Holy Ride uses a flourish of guitar licks to provide lofty grooves for frontman Julian Ernest Wright's warm croon. While it's reminiscent of the current neo-soul vibe (think indie chart climbers like Inner Wave), there's something adult about Holy Ride's EP. 

Wright's vocals usually steer the ship with confidence as nostalgic tales of romance unfold with poetic lines like, "Personality factory engineer, blue flavor, If I'm just looking for a place to sit, blind painter, see what's new." Party Tricks feels more mature than goofy, and it's not laced with keyboards or lullaby hooks. It's this seemingly "grown" approach that allows Holy Ride to offer something unique to the current flow of neo-soul.

Check out my favorite track from Party Tricks below, "Spotlight", and a nice Q&A with the band.


MP: It sounds like there's hints of a sitar somewhere in the mix of "Spotlight". Am I hearing that correctly or is it just some nice pedal effect? It adds a vintage feel that I really like.

HR: There are plenty of fun layers and surprises in the mix of Spotlight, and that's all thanks to Sahil Ansari. Sitar, however, did not make the final cut on this EP. Thank you though. 

MP: What would be your ideal scenario for someone hearing your new EP for the first time?

HR: Anywhere clothing is optional. 

MP: I was checking out the Spotify playlist on your artist page. Some jazzy gems in there. What's the deal with that Dick Stusso character?

HR: What's the deal with airline food?

MP: Give us a quick rundown of how your band formed?

HR: Our moms actually met at nursery school!

MP: What can we expect from your next release?

HR: Expect more songs from Holy Ride. More Julian, more Caleb, more Mark, and more Josh. Expect more. 


Party Tricks is Available Here. If you're in New York, catch the Holy Ride release show at Cinderblock People July 25th.