SIAK - Hel's In House Physician

Is it business or pleasure? SIAK aims to provide jams that make one lose control, yet there seems to be so much control in that robotic hand of his. He recently released his EP, PHD, on Hel Audio, and it's taken us to a whole new level of comfort and appreciation for techno and electro. Above you'll find a mix of inspirations from SIAK, and below you'll find the history behind the man himself.

MP: Can you talk about your name, SIAK?

SIAK: The true origin of the name is a secret. I can say it like this. In coming up with the name, lets just say I like the way the letters look together and the pronunciation of it sounds science fiction so im rolling with it. 

MP: What can you tell us about the album title, PHD? 

SIAK: It's in reference to my former name (DR. SIAK). It also stands for Peripheral Hand Dimensions. 

MP: Can you talk a little bit about the process you went through when making the songs on PHD?

SIAK: My tracks are created from various configurations of hardware in my studio. The tracks are a culmination of sounds, samples and beats compiled since I began making them. I create songs by rehearsing live until I have a full idea for it. 

MP: What music did you grow up listening to and what made you decide to start making your own music?

SIAK: Thats a big question. Just depends on what age. The first tape I ever purchased was Run DMC's Raising Hell. I was probably 10. Round the age of 12 I got really into Led Zeppelin. I would mow lawns to earn the money to eventually get all of their albums. Come highschool I got really into alternative music. This included electronic music as well. My older sister would come home from college with these really cool mixtapes that her and her friends would make.  There would be tracks by Meat Beat Manifesto, NIN, KMFDM , Scorn etc. 

Not real sure on what made me want to start. I guess my love of electronic sounds made me want to start. I finally  purchased my first sequencer/synth at a pawn shop in 2002. Been completely gear addicted since.

MP: What genre of music are you most influenced by and what is it that attracts you to that style?

SIAK: Classic sounding electro for sure. It's funky, mysterious and cold. I dont know I just love the boom tick of an 808. Cant get enough.

MP: How would you describe the origins/inspirations of said genre?

SIAK: Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaattaa, Rap, synthesizers, 80s!

MP: How would you describe the music on PHD?

SIAK: 80's Techno'd electro.

MP: When I listen to your album, I can see how I could dance to it but it inspires me mentally more than physically. I feel like my mind becomes limitless or in hyperdrive. What impact do you envision your music having on its listeners? 

SIAK: I was hoping for both! I want to make tracks that certainly do all of that. I'd hope it would make you want to dance and maybe drive real fast through the city at night on a high tech motorcycle. Or kick ass at video games.

MP: How do you see your music evolving in the future?

SIAK: Hard to say. I'd like to make some thought provoking, perhaps emotional type tracks as well. I'll never stop trying to make dance beats.

MP: Any upcoming shows or projects you're working on? 

SIAK: None at the moment. Just starting to think about my next ep. If all goes well I should have some new tracks ready by Feb / March.