The Boys Ranch

They say that girls just wanna have fun...well, so do middle class suburban teens/late 20's-early 30's millenials. Just look at the two in this comical video for The Boys Ranch debut album. The video follows two delinquents around town as they chug, skate and skirt security under the moonlight before taking an impromptu pool dip as they make their final escape.

TBR has just released an EP, and the spirit imbued within the four songs is nothing short of paradise-pop. You can boogie like you're in the love shack to "Mine Mine Mine" and then cool down with the daydream finesse of "In The Shade", which might be the EP's strongest song. TBR frontman, Dennis Fuller, has taken his love for the experimental side of The Beach Boys, and his horn-playing/arrangement skills, to create a song that transcends time. 

When sending us the album Dennis said, "Joe ran these through a tape machine modulator that they used at Abbey Road Studios, so they have a nice polish to them. Like waxing your Little Deuce Coupe...".

Thanks for the magic, Dennis. 



Download the album here