Trance Farmers ~ Speed Racer

Dayve Samek's one-man psych-carnival project Trance Farmers is well on it's way to reaching cult-classic status. For anyone that loves movies like Crybaby, loves 50s doo wop, and 50s-60s garage and psych, Trance Farmers is heroic. He's a blast from the past covered in pomade, gasoline, looney tunes, and guitar strings – a psych-Americana outsider. Music like his may never make a huge label sign, but he's beloved by a handful, and they're lucky to know about him. 

When Trance Framers released his incredible debut album on premier indie label Stones Throw in 2014, he ended up doing a mix and intro for Vice. There's several gems on that mixtape, but my favorite is probably "Suzy Creamcheese" by Teddy and His Patches. It's an underground classic from the 60s labeled as acid-punk. It's raw, a little surfy, and maddening in a way that makes you want to dance and shout recklessly in the name of fun.

That kind of energy is hard to re-create these days, but "Speed Racer" does it. Trance Framers delved into fast and hard rock on his EP Garbage Night, but there's something a little more fun and catchy about "Speed Racer". It's got a pop sensibility to it.

Held down by a steady backbeat, it definitely feels like a song from another era. And it's that steady backbeat and clearer vocals that make "Speed Racer" so appealing. It's a little sweet and a little wicked. Imagine taking a Chuck Berry song and dipping it in tie-dye gasoline – that's "Speed Racer". Original rock and roll distorted for your listening pleasure.


Click the Soundcloud link to download "Speed Racer" for free and

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