Roland Young - Go Away

“The jazz clarinetist turned club kid.” – The Guardian

"Africa, Asia, Europe and native America became the source material, space and silence became the structure, and composing, improvising and the continued development of instrumental facility became the tasks...I always felt like a complete island unto myself” – Roland Young

This is the stuff we live for....weirdo’s making love songs with synthesizers. 

Roland Young is a jazz musician that made music in his bedroom studio during the 80s. Those experimental sessions turned out synth-pop and synth boogie hits that are incredibly strange. “Go Away”, off the album Hearsay I-land, is this week’s lost classic. 

Roland Young - Go Away, from the album Hearsay I-Land (2013). Roland P. Young is a classically trained jazz clarinetist who performed at a young age with Alice Coltrane and was a principal member of the avant-garde jazz group Infinite Sound and NYC no-wave group, The Offs, whose first record featured a Basquiat cover.