Show me your Homeshake

Musically Proper is pumped to share an interview with Peter Sagar a.k.a. Homeshake as he debuts the above video for his upcoming album, Midnight Snack. The former guitarist for Mac DeMarco answered some questions for us via email, and we’re not quite sure what to make of Sagar’s answers. They definitely had us cracking up, and we learned two things:

1.     Don’t expect foreigners (Sagar is Canadian) to recognize the abbreviations of your home state and city.

2.     Sometimes musicians just don’t think as deeply about their music as their listeners do.

MP: Peter, what’s up!? How are you feeling about the new album now that it’s finished and soon-to-be released?

PS: It’s been finished since like February or March, so I’m glad it’s finally coming out.

MP: I’ve noticed your upcoming tour is fairly short and, unfortunately, skips over SLC, UT. Any chance of playing here in the future? I know a place that would love to have you.

PS: I’m not actually sure what SLC or UT stand for but I just go wherever my booking agent books it up

MP: What was the vision behind Midnight Snack? It’s pretty silky and romantic. Do you consider it your breakout album?

PS: No vision other than songs that I was proud of going well together.

MP: I’ve read that you wrote this during a downtime yet it feels very smooth and R&B-oriented. There’s even times where you reference Mariah Carey with harmonies from “Always Be My Baby”. There’s also some “cyber pop” vibes that call to mind Jerry Paper. What, in your opinion, defines pop music?

PS: I don’t have a definition of pop music, sorry

MP: Did you intend to make a pop record with Midnight Snack?

PS: Yeah I was definitely leaning toward making poppier stuff

MP: You’ve mentioned you love eating delicious meals at home, that your sweetie cooks, and watching loads of movies. What movies or music could you say inspired Midnight Snack’s late night grooves?

PS: I don’t usually pull any influence from movies, unless they have really good soundtracks. I was listening to the Akira soundtrack a lot. Lots of house music too.

MP: The deep voice in the introduction of Midnight Snack and the feminine voice throughout really add to the album’s groove and enjoyability. What is it about VHS quality tape (your previous album’s promo video) and manipulated vocals that inspires your work?

PS: That promo video was shot on an iPod touch, I haven’t ever done anything with vhs. The intro voice is my friend Cole Kushner. I just like speeding stuff up and slowing stuff down, sounds funny.

MP: You seem to have a good sense of humor about your music. How do the records you make help you accomplish your overall goal in life? I.E. If life is meant to be enjoyed not just endured…should your music reflect that sense of humor and ease to help keep people/yourself sane?

PS: I guess my only goals are to make records I can be proud of.

MP: If you could change one thing about the music industry (touring, sales, promotion - anything), what would it be?

PS: No more streaming services

MP: Any advice or words of wisdom that Homeshake would like to leave our audience with?  

PS: Be nice to people it feels good

Regardless of Sagar’s nonchalance, Midnight Snack is an incredible album. It’s a bizarre piece of pop riddled with elements of Funk and R&B that has us listening over and over. Our last words of advice inspired by this interview: Watch more anime, fix more midnight snacks with your sweetie and/or find a sweetie & look for Midnight Snack to drop on September 18th via Sinderlyn Records.

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