Shannon and the Clams - Corvette

Shannon And The Clams are a musical time machine and “Corvette” is their latest portal. I was a little taken back by the down-tempo flavor of this track, haven fallen for the raucous rock of the Clam’s last album. But, “Corvette” is a seductive trip down memory lane, thanks to Shannon Shaw’s golden voice and Cody Blanchard’s guitar plucks that sprinkle and twang just like Santo & Johnny would. Not to mention the psych riffs that shriek and heighten the mood throughout the song. “Corvette” keeps me listening and makes me think, “my gosh, aren't we the lucky ones.”

The Clams exploration to a clearer sound and more focused songwriting on “Corvette” is not unlike peers, Guantanamo Baywatch, and their heart wrenching single, “Too Late”, released last month. It’s pleasing to see these rock and roll bands expand their sound and tighten up their songwriting to give us future classics that people’ll be digging for years from now. Look for the Clam’s new album, Gone by the Dawn, to drop 9/11 on Hardly Art