New Shack - House of Frankenstein

New Shack is back with another captivating song, and video, on "House of Frankenstein".

It's a laid-back gem, especially considering New Shack's normally frantic pace, but a reserved approach allows (lead singer) Catherine Leavy's vocal abilities to really shine. It's something of an ecstatic vision, and that vision is never clearer than when the chorus gradually builds as Leavy blissfully sings from somewhere above earth before she comes "crashing down."

The dictionary defines ecstatic as "involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence", and that's exactly what we get with "House of Frankenstein". While the video seems to be an escape from time, as outfits, rooms and positions constantly shift, the color and costume themes root themselves in a dreamy past. Its use of mirrors, grainy images and pastels beautifully complement a song that triumphantly manages to simultaneously feel mellow and truly ecstatic.

Check out the video below and read our interview covering New Shack's last video here.